Bib Distribution:
From 24th to 25th November 2022 only
Time – 11 am to 7 pm

1. Decathlon centres at – Shakespeare Sarani, Saltlake, New town
2. Quest Mall

(All Personalized Bibs will be distributed from Quest Mall ONLY)

  • This event will be held on 27 November 2022 at Eco Park, Rajarhat.
  • This is a fun event and not a race.
  • Runs will not be timed.
  • Please carry the BIBs and Entry passes for entry at the venue on the event day. Entry shall be permitted only against a BIB or an entry pass shown at the entry gate. Rights of admission are reserved.
  • All participants, who finish their run, will receive medals, certificates and goody bags.
  • Participants can approach the help desk at the venue, to be guided to the start points for their respective runs.
  • The Kolkata Kiddathon team is making adequate arrangements for hydration, first-aid, medical support and volunteer support for the participants. Parents are advised to ensure that their children take part in the run only if they are physically fit and in good health on the day of the event.
  • A kid is allowed to register for more than one run.
  • Age group mentioned for each run is indicative only. A child can register for any run the parent deems fit for their ward.
  • All participants must wear running shoes. Barefoot running will not be allowed.
  • All participants must wear full track pants and their run colour t-shirts. T shirts for kids shall be provided by us.
  • Please ensure that you reach the venue by the reporting time communicated to you.
  • Each batch has a different reporting time and change of batches will not be permitted at the venue. The organizing committee reserves the right to disallow a participant from taking part in the event, if he/she does not report on time.
  • Parents will not be allowed to run with the participants in any of the runs except the 600m run.
  • Upto two parents are allowed to run with each participant in the 600m category. Parents participating must also wear running shoes and run colour t-shirts (their own).
  • All participants must wear the official run number (BIB) allotted to them on the front of their t-shirts. Participants without run bibs will not be allowed to run.
  • Your BIB number must be worn on your front torso – not on your back or leg.
  • Your BIB number must not be covered. It must be visible on the outmost layer of clothing. Do not wear a shirt or jacket over your number.
  • Pin your BIB number in all four corners
  • Outside eatables, beverages, cigarattes (sealed packets included) etc shall not be allowed.
  • Helpline number – 76698 66958
  • There will Be no Refund or Claim once tickets have been generated and event is over.