About Us

About Ladies Circle India

  • LC India has 40+ years of commendable success in helping underprivileged children and destitute women.

  • Our Goal is to provide quality education to the poor; empower women; improve sanitation facilities, over-all health and encourage better nutrition.

  • LC India operates at zero administration cost. 100% of the funds and sponsorships raised are used for the cause.

  • More than 150 circles & 1300 dedicated members growing qualitatively year on year.

About Calcutta Central Ladies Circle 27

  • Adopted 2 schools- Ek Prayas and Satyand Devayatan & Providing better sanitation to girls by building toilet blocks

  • Provided infrastructure to schools in the form of tables, chairs, computers, drinking water

  • Donation of limbs, wheel chairs, Braille slates, clothes, providing for cataract operations to the needy

  • Undertaken nutrition projects by providing mid day meals, nutrition buckets, treatment of cancer patients as long term initiative.

  • For this we have taken up organizing various fundraisers under the RTI banner. This is what brings us to you.  We would like to be empaneled for your CSR spends so that together we can build infrastructure for education of the less privileged and make a measurable impact to society.

About Round Table India

  • Round Table India is a Fellowship organization of young men which is also involved in social service.

  • Our Motto is Freedom Through Education, which provides us a platform to be recognized in building schools for the children at places where it is most required.

  • We have spent around Rs. 380 crores in various school projects all over India since 1997 and have built more than 7890 classrooms across 3347 schools and have built the infrastructure that impacts more than 8.67 million children.

  • During the last 10 years, we have built on an average one classroom a day. Every day!

About Calcutta South Round Table 17

  • (CSRT 17) is an 80G Registered Trust and a member chapter of Round Table India.

  • We are the organizers for Airtel Run for Education, half marathon since 2014. This event witnesses a participation from over 12k runners, both amateurs and veterans from across India and abroad.

  • Under Freedom Through Education, CSRT17 has Built 25 Schools (70 Classrooms, 31184 Sq ft) at an investment of Rs 283 lacs impacting 7216 children annually.